Why do you need another distro?

Oh, well. this is a good question. you may wonder why there is bunch of distributions out there. and why you need to test another distribution? There were some motivations that helped me to create Aseman.OS...


What did you bring me with Aseman.OS?

  • easy.svg

    Easy to install with abif installer

    Install arch easily with abif(arch-bang installer framework). thanks to carlduff, with some modifications.

  • linux-lts.png

    Linux-lts ready

    Some bugs may arrise when you use linux kernel. lts-version will help you to increase stability.

  • preconfigured.svg

    Preconfigured Arch Os

    Configure tmux, vim, mpv from Scratch is a painfull job. We provide these configurations ready for you.

What packages exist in Aseman.OS?

There are number of usefull packages in AsemanOs by default. anyway you have full controll to install/uninstall new packages. :)

  • packages.svg 229 Applications
  • core.svg 68 Core Repo
  • extra.svg 79 Extra Repo
  • community.svg 35 Community Repo
  • archlinuxcn.svg 13 archlinuxcn Repo

Some package exist by default in Aseman os is: Gnome as desktop environment, nemo as file manager, Persepolis as download manager, VS-Code as file editor, ....

Screen Shots


Aseman Os Desktop


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